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It’s just like what they do at, only for horses. Click Here to set up your free account You’ll be taken to a JAM AFFILIATES page ...”Don’t worry, that’s us :)”

Make money by offering, recommending, referring, even selling Equus-RX products while riding or even when your sleeping. Just  refer the site to other web visitors and if they make a purchase you make a horse affiliate commission.

Horse Affiliate Highlights

  • Horse Affiliates earn 10-50% commissions - rewards your hard work.
  • 365 day cookie duration - get the credit you deserve.
  • New banners - various styles and sizes to select from.
  • Horse Affiliates Get a Monthly affiliate newsletter - stay on top of the latest industry and company news.
  • Reliable tracking - using sophisticated online software
  • Horse Affiliate support - contact us anytime you need help

Dear Friend,

Mary here. What if I said you don't have to lift a finger? Just follow these simple steps and by partnering up together, in no time start adding some serious dollars to your pocket each and every week.

Use the cash for feed, tack, or you name it. Click Here to set up your free account STOP please note you’ll be taken to a JAM affiliate page for sign up... so don’t be surprised. That’s us.

Imagine someone clicks from your link to our site and purchases a nutrition analysis for $19.95. You make a 50% commission. On the equus-rx pro software the commission is 15%. That translates into almost 30.00 on every sale of equus-rx pro software.

Any person that clicks through from your affiliate link to the site and makes any of the following purchases with in 365 days of your membership. Here’s how it works:

Simply recommend our site or products on your site with a link to us (the link has your horse affiliate # imbedded into it)

Any person purchases a nutrition analysis you make almost $10.00 per purchase.

Any person that purchases the software, you make almost $30.00  per order.

Any one, any time FOR A FULL YEAR.

Why are we doing that? We want you to make money and help spread the word about our site and our products. Pretty good incentive don’t you think?

It’s just like Amazons affiliate program ... ONLY BETTER

Our Affiliate Program & the products we market, will allow you to generate worldwide sales in almost every country in the world.

To become an affiliate, first sign up with The Equus Affiliate Program to be able to present our products and begin to earn commissions. We offer you a 15%-50% commission on all products sold & paid directly to you each month from The Equus Affiliate Program in US Dollars.

Unfamiliar with The Equus Affiliate Program & our operation? Please read this page, and signup it's 100% Free To Sign Up!
No purchase necessary.

Here are just a few of the advantages for affiliates

  • Our Free Affiliate program is 100% FREE! No registration fees, monthly quotas, etc.
  • Open your FREE account with The Equus Affiliate Program, set up your link as shown below and start advertising.
  • Get checks from The Equus Affiliate Program.
    Click Here to set up your free account
  • The Equus Affiliate Program is one of the most trustworthy 3rd party associate/reseller vendor on the Internet... No Worries about getting paid
  • Simply add a link to your site or send an e-mail to your list.
    (We even have ready made E-mail templates you can use.)
    Click Here to set up your free account

We'll take care of everything else. We will communicate with the customer, we'll answer their questions, we'll fill in their orders and finalize the sale. Just log on to your account and view your real time stats 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s the miracle of the Internet.

Go ahead, there’s no risk.
It’s only 3 steps and be on the way to accepting checks in less than 5 minutes.
If you have a web site and would like to use our free nutritional test tied in with your reseller links, please send us an e-mail after your account with The Equus Affiliate Program and we will create the link for you Free. Click Here to set up your free account

Here’s How You Start

1.) Set up your horse affiliate account. Click Here to set up the free account, if you do not already have one. It will only take a minute to do, and costs nothing. Once this has been completed, use the following link to advertise:

2.) Promote and advertise the link. We even offer marketing and advertising tools too.

Even if that person decides not to buy on that particular day, if they bookmark it and come back later, ( up to 1 FULL YEAR) you will still get the commissions for it.

Check The Stats

To determine how much money you are making with our affiliate program, go to Be sure to bookmark that web page, because you will be using it often. Simply sign in with your affiliate ID and password.

Promotional Tools

a_Enter_New_Horse48x48a_Enter_New_Horse48x48_1a_Equus_rx_pro_book_cover2opta_Feed_Balancing48x48a_Horse_InformationR48x48a_LogoR48x48a_Select_HorseR48x48 There’s many more available to you once you become an affiliate. So go ahead sign up. It’s FREE!

Once you sign up, we will send the original  images PLUS lot’s more that you can use instantly. Click Here to set up your free account

We even offer free reports you can use. Imagine, great content and the viral nature of the net with your affiliate link locked up tight in the report... Where ever that report goes, it has your link and who ever clicks through deposits your affiliate # on their computer.

SO even if they don’t by on their first visit and come back again and again (up to 1 full year) when they do you get the credit and the cash. Click Here to set up your free account

So find a 'Prominent' spot on your web site to install & highlight this advertising material. Depending on how popular your web site is, expect sales to commence immediately.

Please remember, that it is sales from YOUR advertising that will generate the commissions that will be sent to you.

Free Service
We will drop your Equus Affiliate Program affiliate link into the various reports we have so when you promote the reports and articles your affiliate link is imbedded into each one! We do it for for FREE!

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